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Loveswept Holiday Blog Hop

Welcome and thank for you celebrating the Loveswept Holiday Blog Hop and the release of my debut CANT’ FAKE THIS from Loose, Id. Here’s a snippet about the book:

A divorcee ready to reenter the dating world, Anna Ryan is determined to be the best “product on the market,” which requires a lot more experience so she propositions sexy police officer Chase Harris to teach her how to make hot, passionate love as opposed to just having sex. He takes it a step further, instructing each lesson based on The Twelve Days of Christmas.

When I was writing the story, I had this idea to base it on the Twelve Days of Christmas. How fun is that because everybody loves Christmas carols, even the meanest Scroogies’ lips quirk at Jingle Bells. My favorite song is I’m Dreaming of a White Christmas mainly because White Christmas is my favorite movie – of all time. I love the costumes, Rosemary Clooney’s voice, and mostly Vera Ellen’s dancing. I’m a dancer, choreographer, and former dance instructor so I’m blown away for Ms. Ellen’s legs. Literately. She was so ahead of her time.

So what’s your favorite Christmas carol? I’m giving away a e-book copy of CAN’T FAKE THIS to a lucky commenter. Anyone who signs up for my newsletter gets a bonus entry. PLEASE TELL ME IN YOUR COMMENT IF YOU SIGN UP FOR MY NEWSLETTER. Sometimes I can only see email addresses and not names of new members. Thanks for visiting. Happy holidays!

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14 Comments to “Loveswept Holiday Blog Hop”

  1. Andrea I Says:

    Silent Night is my favorite Christmas carol.


  2. Stacey Siferd Says:

    Hi Casey Nice to meet ya!

    Favorite Carol would have to be….We Wish You A Merry Christmas. And I LOVE White Christmas…favorite movie ;0)

    Thank you for the great bog hop giveaway! I cna’t wait to read your books!

  3. Cathy M Says:

    One of my favorite’s is Little Drummer Boy.

    Which one is your favorite, Casey?

    signed up for your newsletter already

    caity_mack at yahoo dot com

  4. Cathy M Says:

    forget the question, Casey, I’ve got the answer, lol

  5. Casey Crow Says:

    Andrea – What a beautiful choice! Thanks for stopping by.

    Stacey – So glad you stopped by! Merry Christmas!

    Cathy – I confess I can’t pick just one. I love White Christmas by when done right, O Holy Night brings tears to my eyes. My dad’s favorite is Little Drummer Boy. When I was little we had a wooden cut-out of him in the yard. Thanks for signing up for my newsletter.

  6. Andrea I Says:

    Signed up for newsletter., Yahoo name lillieblue613


  7. Casey Crow Says:

    Andrea – thanks for popping in! Happy holidays!

  8. Julianne Says:

    I think my favorite song is the Little Drummer Boy. It just moves me when I hear it.
    I signed up for your newsletter with my email address luvfuzzzeee…….

  9. Casey Crow Says:

    Julianne – I love that song. It’s my dad’s favorite. I appreciate you signing up for my news letter. Have a wonderful holiday season!

  10. Colleen C. Says:

    I love Good King Wenceslas… do not hear too often. Happy Holidays!

  11. Casey Crow Says:

    Colleen – Thanks for visiting. I haven’t heard that one in a long time. Merry Christmas!

  12. wanda flanagan Says:

    silent night

  13. Casey Crow Says:

    Wanda – Good choice. Thanks for stopping by! Merry Christmas!

  14. Casey Crow Says:

    Andrea I – Congratulations! You are the winner of an ebook copy of Can’t Fake This. Sorry I’m so late in announcing this everyone!

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