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Holiday favorites with Catherine Mann

Welcome USA Today bestseller Catherine Mann to the CAN’T FAKE THIS blog party! She writes romantic suspense for Berkley and Sourcebooks, as well as steamy romances for Harlequin Desire. A RITA Award winner, she has over two million books in print. Catherine resides in Florida with her flyboy husband, their four children and menagerie of pets. FMI about her current book on the shelves, HOT ZONE, she can be found online at:
Facebook:                      Twitter:!/CatherineMann1

I asked Catherine to share with us her favorite holiday decoration that she has in your home. 

“My favorite is a small Tupperware nativity set that my mother-in-law gave me. It’s unbreakable, made to be handled by children. Each year when my kids were little, we would read them the nativity story and they would place each character in the stable as we read.”

What’s your favorite holiday decoration? A lucky commenter will receive a copy of Catherine’s COVER ME, book 1 in the “Elite Force” series!

26 Comments to “Holiday favorites with Catherine Mann”

  1. Carrie James Says:

    Hi Catherine!

    Besides the one that my hubby made for me running next to that one would be the very first tree decoration I got 9 yrs ago from my oldest daughter. She cut out a circle ( tried very hard when your 1) and then colored it in her own special way and gave it to me with the biggest smile on her face. It makes it onto the tree every year and hope that it makes it manny more years:)

    happy holidays!

  2. Catherine Mann Says:

    Hi Carrie! I love decorations made by my kids – totally my favorite. Right now, I’m looking at a little log cabin ornament made from a school milk carton. :) Thanks for stopping by!

  3. julie barrett Says:

    hand print hung on a ribbon from my grandchildren. they live so far away but we are able to watch them via webcam on christmas day.

    Thanks for having this contest. i never saw a tupperware nativity set LOL


  4. Bianca Thaci Says:

    Hi, I have this very old china angel from my grandma…it’s white with light blue wings and highlights. It’s always living on my sideboard this time of year :)

  5. Casey Crow Says:

    Thanks for visiting today, Catherine and celebrating in the CAN’T FAKE THIS release day fun. It’s such an honor to have you here! My favorite decoration is an gold angel treetopper my grandmother gave me as a child.

  6. Catherine Mann Says:

    Hi Julie! I do so adore those precious handprint memories! I have an angel on my tree and the wings are foam cutouts of my daughter’s hands when she was four years old! (She’s 17 now!) I’ll have to take a photo of my Tupperware nativity set… it’s all molded plastic, precious. I’m going to do a blog this month on children’s Christmas & family. My blog tour’s posted on my website. Thanks bunches for stopping by and reminding me to look at my Maggie’s angel from so long ago!

  7. Catherine Mann Says:

    Bianca, those gifts from generations past are such treasures, aren’t they?! I love to touch the items that I know they touched, even though they’re no no longer with us. I think about my grandparents an extra lot this time of year!

  8. Catherine Mann Says:

    Hey there, Casey! Thank YOU for having me here today! And congratulations on your launch! Am so thrilled for you!!! XXOO!

  9. Runere McLain Says:

    Hello Catherine! Thanks for being here. I know it means a lot to Casey with her book launch.

    Favorite decoration? So many! It’s a tie between some beautiful, delicate hand crocheted angels my Mom made for me (we lost her to cancer seven years ago), and a looong string of tiny brass bells I use as garland. So far that string of bells has foiled three generations of candy cane robbers! It’s the subject of much childish disgust and laughing discussion every year! (But I fully expect them to be fought over when I go! lol)

  10. Catherine Mann Says:

    Runere, what a beautiful mix of sentimental and family fun! Sounds like your home is an amazing place to be at Christmas time!

  11. Na S. Says:

    My favorite holiday is decoration is a family of angel ornaments made from clear beads. They so look so pretty hanging out on the tree :) Congratulations on your release, Catherine!

  12. Jillian Says:

    I love my nativity as well. Mine is metal and came from a trip to North Carolina.

  13. Catherine Mann Says:

    Hi Na! Clear beads do look especially pretty when they catch light – love it! And thank you for the congrats. :) I appreciate how you always stop by to say hello!

  14. Catherine Mann Says:

    Hi Jillian! I’ll bet the metal nativity is very unique – I love seeing the different types of decorations people have chosen and treasure!

  15. Paige Tyler Says:

    My favorite are all the Disney ornaments on our tree!


  16. Aretha zhen Says:

    Hi Cassie and hi To Catherine too! Congrats for your debut Cassie and it is very kind of you Catherine to share with us this incredible moment the Christmas and Cassie book release. I never read your book before Catherine but I heard a lot of nice things about your book. It would be great to get one this Christmas. About my favourite ornament , my favourite Christmas ornament is the pinky bows that we always tied to the Christmas tree every year since I was a kid. I love this bow, because it brings back a lot if memories from my childhood when we cannot Afford to buy the Christmas ornament so we just simPly tie the bow to the tree, I felt happy because I believe that the most important thing is to live up the Christmas spirit and not all about the expensive ornaments :). Happy holiday to both of you catherine and Cassie :)

  17. Cynthia Eden Says:

    That’s such a tough question! Last year, my favorite was this giant inflatible Thomas the Train Christmas set that we had. But my five year old has informed me that he is now “over” Thomas–and we can’t put up the decoration because it would be “embarrassing.” Dude, you’re five!

  18. Catherine Mann Says:

    I loooove Disney, Paige!! Beauty & the Beast is my fav…. followed closely by Rapunzel/Tangled. :)

  19. Catherine Mann Says:

    Aretha, I agree the family time is so extra special and important during the holidays. I so enjoyed hearing about your pink bow memory! Thank you for sharing it here!!! Happy holidays!

  20. Catherine Mann Says:

    Cynthia, your note about your son made me laugh so hard I spewed Diet Coke on the computer! Love it!! My kids all went through that too…. now luckily my teens have gone “retro.” My daugther decided to have a Build-A-Bear party for her Sweet Sixteen party. We had an absolute blast – even the guys did. :) I’m sure your son will get back around to Thomas the Train eventually!!

  21. Gena Robertson Says:

    My favorite Christmas decoration is one my son made me in kindergarden – it’s a picture of him smiling, with fingerpaint all over his face and hair while he was working on his Christmas ornament to give me with that picture in it. Adorable!
    Happy Holidays!

  22. cathy borckman Says:

    congrats again casey! and hi catherine! i love all snowmen and snowflake ornament but this year i went whacky wiht black and silver balss some red birds red snowflakes red icicles and i may add my snowmen or put up asecontd tree for them

  23. Colleen C. Says:

    Fav holiday decoration… is the first one I ever bought for myself… a light up polar bear!

  24. Casey Crow Says:

    Thank you again, Catherine, and you wonderful fans for participating in the blog party!

  25. Teresa Kleeman Says:

    My favorite ornament is one that my son made me also. It was a grapevine reef that he made with also like straw on it. Inside the middle of it his little pictures in it. I cherish this because I had a house fire and lost almost all my baby pictures of him. My Christmas ornaments made it through the fire.

    Teresa K.

  26. Laurie G Says:

    My favorite holiday decoration is a handmade stuffed Santa about 24″ tall that I purchased my freshman year of college (1972). It was purchased at an Easter Seals shop which employs only handicapped people and sells their wares.

    It graces the very top of my tree. It’s a bit battered and occasionally looks a little tipsy as it hangs onto the top of the tree.

    I love it! My children always comment about my Santa and want to be the one to place it on the tree.

    johnslake at usa dot com

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