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Great review of Dance with a Millionaire! 4.75 stars

Thank you to Clea Gellar of Bookwenches for this glowing review!

Campbell Layne is on the brink of career success as a ballerina; she just has to land the lead role in her company’s next production. She has worked so hard to get where she is, and she hasn’t let anyone or anything distract her from her goals. Then she met handsome, millionaire playboy, Rod Carrington, and her life turned upside down.

Campbell knows that anything that happens between her and Rod will be nothing more than a fling. She thinks she can accept that until she unexpectedly falls in love with him, and fighting her feelings becomes harder than she thought. 

Rod is perfectly content with his life and the casual encounters he has, but Campbell stirs something in his soul, and he is surprised to find that he doesn’t mind. For the first time, he begins to let his guard down, and begins to consider the option of sharing his life with someone.

When Campbell lands her dream role, she learns that Rod may have used his influence and bought her the role in her company’s next show. She is crushed. Was she a fool all along to think that he could be a good guy after all?


As I get older, I am finding myself coming back around to craving a good romance. I loved them when I was in high school but drifted away with adulthood. The thing I like best about the romances I read now is that I know the reality of life and therefore can truly appreciate the fantasy world that a first-rate romance can deliver. It also doesn’t hurt that they have sexy adult situations that I can relate to, or at least hope to aspire to. Campbell and Rod set a very good example.

Given that Campbell is a successful ballerina and a southern belle to boot, you’d think that she’d be a bit of a diva, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. She is a warm, caring, kind person, who is confident in her career but not quite as self-assured in the rest of her life. Like most people, she goes with her strengths, so she has becomes career-driven. Introducing the idea of a relationship opens up vulnerability in her, but it doesn’t make her weak, and that makes her even easier to like.
Rod is a smart man who has to guard himself and his heart because of the power he wields in society. He accepts his position with grace but is upfront about who he is and what people should expect of him. Entering into a relationship for him seems to cause some inner conflict because it doesn’t seem to fit into his life and how he thought would be. I like how the author wrote his character because through it all he manages to stay true to himself. He is just discovering parts of himself that he didn’t know existed.

Their chemistry between these two is sweet and steamy, because of course there is sexual tension that amps up the story. The sweetness comes from their mutual desire to be with each other; however, they are hindered by their fears. Neither are quite willing to swallow their pride and admit it to themselves, and this adds a nice conflict to the story.

Campbell and Rod’s romance is set against the opulent world of Manhattan’s rich and famous. The story is full of grand theaters, big offices of the rich and powerful, and fancy restaurants. Then it changes to a relaxed, simpler life of a villa in Italy. Both places inspire different aspects of the relationship between Rod and Campbell and set the tone for different parts of the book.

Over all
, Dancing with a Millionaire isn’t a challenging book, and that is why I liked it. I was in the mood for a really good romance that would help me relax and unwind, and that is exactly what this book did for me. The only issues I had with it was that it was hard for me to put down, and I enjoyed the characters so much that I was sad when I finished the book because I missed them so much. Lucky for me, I still have it on my Kindle and can go back and enjoy it again and again.

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  1. gaele Says:

    Interesting concept .. ballet or love? I can name several who would take the ballet choice- even with a hero who seemed to fill every sense.
    thank you for sharing

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