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Wicked Hop – Wicked Yummy & Wicked Hot

Posted in General on October 19th, 2012 by Casey Crow

Welcome to the Wicked Hop and thank you to Reading Romances for hosting!

Don’t you just love the word “wicked”? As in wicked yummy and wicked hot? Here are two EASY fall recipes I thought you’d might enjoy.


Roast Pumpkin Lasagna recipe


  • 2 Cups Ricotta Cheese
  • 1 Egg, scrambled
  • Nutmeg
  • 1 sugar Pumpkin or Butternut Squash
  • ½  medium-sized onion, white or yellow, chopped
  • ½ cup vegetable or chicken stock/ water
  • 1 clove garlic, minced
  • ¼ teaspoon nutmeg
  • Sage, dried 1/8 teaspoon or fresh chopped ¼ teaspoon
  • ½ Cup Parmesan Cheese
  • ¼ cup brown sugar
  • 2 cups shredded Mozzarella
  • Olive Oil
  • 1 Box of Lasagna noodles


1) Preheat the oven to 350 degrees F.

2) Bring water to a boil and then add the lasagna noodles.

3) Meanwhile, while the noodles are cooking, peel, deseed, and chop up the sugar pumpkin or squash, half an onion, and coat all with oil, salt, and brown sugar, and ¼ teaspoon sage and spread evenly on a baking sheet.  Roast at 375 degrees F for 10- 14 minutes. When the pumpkin is fully cooked, add the garlic and cook for an additional 3 minutes.  Take out and allow to cool a little.

4) Scoop the pumpkin into a blender filling half-way each time and pureeing until smooth.  Empty the contents into a bowl.

5) Separately, combine and stir the two cups ricotta, the mixed egg, ¼ cup parmesan, 1 cup of the mozzarella, ¼ teaspoon nutmeg in a bowl with a couple pinches of salt and a sprinkle of pepper.

6) Drain the noodles when done cooking according to the directions on the package.

7) Begin layering the lasagna by putting some oil on the bottom of the baking dish.  Then add a layer of pumpkin, then add a layer of noodles, then add a layer of the ricotta and mozzarella mixture, another layer of noodles, pumpkin mixture, and so on, alternating ricotta mixture and pumpkin layers. The top should be noodles, cover with the remaining shredded mozzarella and the rest of the parmesan and drizzle with oil. Cover with baking dish with foil.

8) Bake at 350 degrees F for 40 minutes. Uncover and bake for an additional five minutes.


Pumpkin Fudge recipe


2 cups sugar

½ cup pureed cooked pumpkin

½ cup evaporated milk

¼ teaspoon cornstarch

¼ teaspoon pumpkin pie spice

¼ cup butter

½ teaspoon vanilla

1 cup chopped nuts


  1. Combine sugar, pumpkin, milk, cornstarch and spice in a medium saucepan. Bring to a boil over high, then reduce to a gentle simmer. Cook until it forms a soft ball when dropped in cold water, or until reaches 236°F. Remove from heat
  2. Add the nuts, butter, and vanilla; beat until mixture is creamy.
  3. Pour into a buttered plate and allow to cool. Cut into small chunks and serve.


Now it’s time for the wicked hot part (he he). Think sex, hot sex…for 12 days straight…

A divorcee ready to reenter the dating world, Anna Ryan is determined to be the best “product on the market,” which requires a lot more experience so she propositions sexy police officer Chase Harris to teach her how to make hot, passionate love as opposed to just having sex. He takes it a step further, instructing each lesson based on The Twelve Days of Christmas.

Here’s an excerpt:


My zipper slid down with a hiss, exposing my bare flesh to the cool air of the room. “Do you know what today is?” I was breathless as the material spilled over my hips.

Chase pushed my hair aside, his tongue sweeping every vertebra until he knelt on his knees kissing the small indention of my lower back. “Sunday.”

“December fourteenth.” I needed to be the one on my knees. My legs had turned all Jell-Oy. Yeah, I wasn’t an expert in the chemistry department, but even I could sense the spark between us, the hot, electric pull. As his teeth pulled at the peach bow of my G-string, I could already imagine his cock sliding into me. He yanked the dress down and turned me around. My crotch was now at his eye level. I rubbed his shaved head, debating whether I should pull his face to my panties or hike a leg over his shoulder. Or both. I settled for the latter before my weak knees collapsed.

“It’s twelve days till Christmas,” I said. The figure eights he licked along my inner thigh made it rather difficult to carry on a coherent conversation.

“Consider tonight an early present.” He swooped in for a taste, or so I thought, as hot air breezed my pussy. Before I knew it, Chase slipped my leg off his shoulder and stood to scoop me into his arms. He lowered me onto the cold leather of the sofa, but the chill disintegrated the moment his warm body stretched over me. His large, dark pupils filled with lust — and dare I say, need? — as his dick throbbed between my legs. I squeezed my thighs, putting pressure on his cock. He let out a low groan while my body strained for more than a tease. I lifted my hips to rub up and down on his shaft.

We ground our bodies together, my gaze trapped by his own for a deliciously suspended moment. It never occurred to me this kind of intimacy was odd. I mean, most folks would be kissing and getting it on by now, but after all the exciting tension that had built all night, we suddenly slowed down…to savor. Damn, it was sexy.

Zero doubt played in my mind. I wanted this guy to help execute my plan. “I’m thinking I deserve one every day for the next twelve days,” I said as he moved in for a kiss.

The grinding of his hips against mine stopped. Chase pushed up on his elbows and stared at me, lifting a curious brow.

“Hear me out.” My fingers examined his rib cage, stopping to pay homage to his thick, oblique muscles. “I need someone like you to…” My throat closed. When had my palms become this sweaty? I took my hands off his body so he wouldn’t notice, and prayed the cool air would dry them.

“Like me?”

“Experienced…not looking for attachments.” I threw in the last bit to remind us both Chase fulfilled the role of Frog number one.

He grinned. “What do you need?”

“I want you to spend the next twelve days teaching…showing me how to make love.”

He winced, and sucked a hiss through his teeth. “You write sex for a living.”

“Writing about it and really living it are two different things.” I squirmed out of his hold. He pulled away as I sat Indian style across from him. “Look, here’s the deal. It’s been eight long years since I’ve been single, and now that I’m back on the market, I intend to be the best product out there.”

His lips twitched as his gaze roamed my body. “You’re pretty damn good as you are.”

I blushed and grabbed a red throw pillow to cover my nakedness. “Thanks, but I need, shall we say, tutoring in the fine art of love making.”

“Let me get this straight.” He barely contained the laughter in his voice. “You’re asking me to instruct you on how to have sex?”

“No dummy. I know how to have sex. Anybody can pump and hump.” The image of my ex flashed in my mind. “I want passion, chemistry and hot, sweaty multiple orgasms.” I tossed the pillow on the floor and rose, knee walking across the sofa toward him. My fingers teased the hem of his T-shirt. They finagled their way underneath the soft material and behind the waistband of his jeans. I pulled him close. “I want to make love.”

“For twelve days? Then I’m off the hook?” He looked so relieved I almost giggled.

I pushed my pelvis against his cock and smiled when it twitched back to life. “Yes.” I grabbed his ass and gave it a tight squeeze. Then, I ran my mouth up the side of his neck to his ear, nibbling the lobe. “You interested?”


I’m giving away an ebook copy (INT) of the multi-award-winning Can’t Fake This to a lucky commenter. I’d love to hear what you think is wicked hot or wicked yummy.  Don’t forget to sign up for my newsletter to find out about new releases.

Can’t Fake This:

2011 Best Contemporary ~ Love Romances Cafe

2012 Gayle Wilson Award of Excellence Winner

2011 Golden Claddagh Finalist

CAN’T FAKE THIS buy Kindle version on Amazon and all versions at Loose, Id.


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Alpha Male Hop – Who said “strong” was only for the men?

Posted in General on October 18th, 2012 by Casey Crow

Welcome to the Alpha Male Hop Blog Party and a big shout out to Carrie Ann for hosting the event

When I think of an Alpha Male, I think of “strong”, but who said only men had to be strong. I love writing kick-ass heroines. I love it when a female does the unexpected and doesn’t care what others think of her. Take Miley Cyrus for instance with her new haircut.



Okay, I’m not one to get caught up in pop culture aside from reading the covers of tabloids while waiting in line at the grocery store so talking about a celebrity is sorta new for me, but I’m making an exception with the former Hannah Montana Disney star. I’ll be the first to admit I like her old style better, but I love how she embracing individuality, saying, “I’ve never felt prettier and more comfortable in my own skin.” This got me wondering what are some other things people could change about themselves to give them a new outlook on life? New clothes? New residence? Getting rid of excess baggage (ie. the boyfriend from hell you thought was an angel until ya’ll broke up then you realize “what was I thinking?”)? Or are you one of those lucky people who has always had self-confidence?

My heroine in Can’t Fake This, Anna Ryan, wasn’t so lucky. She got her confidence ripped apart in a bad divorce, but found her way back through what we Southerners like to call “grit.” Then she was ready to reenter the dating world.

Anna Ryan is determined to be the best “product on the market,” which requires a lot more experience so she propositions sexy police officer Chase Harris to teach her how to make hot, passionate love as opposed to just having sex. He takes it a step further, instructing each lesson based on The Twelve Days of Christmas.


How perfect that I’m giving away an ebook copy (International) of the multi-award-winning Can’t Fake This to a lucky commenter just as we are gearing up for the holidays! Um…let me warn you. It’s steaming, as in melt the snow hot.  Don’t forget to sign up for my newsletter to find out about new releases.

Can’t Fake This:

2011 Best Contemporary ~ Love Romances Cafe

2012 Gayle Wilson Award of Excellence Winner

2011 Golden Claddagh Finalist

CAN’T FAKE THIS buy Kindle version on Amazon and all versions at Loose, Id.


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You can check out other great authors at The Alpha Male Hop for a chance to win the Grand Prize.


Badlib Blog Hop

Posted in General on August 10th, 2012 by Casey Crow

Welcome to the Badlibs Blog Hop! I’m giving away an ebook copy of the award-winning, freakin’ hot CAN’T FAKE THIS.  So let’s get this party started, right? And BTW this is X-rated!


Badlibs Story

            Damian sauntered across the room. His intense gaze made Libby weak. His pecs bulged. His impressively broad shoulders her folds swell. He was so large, um all over that he made her feel fragile in comparison. His teal eyes danced with mischief.

“Get over here, Libby. I want to suck your pussy lips, and can’t stop myself from coming on your breasts.” He reached gently, making her body quiver deliciously.

“Oh, Damian. Be rougher with me. I haven’t had mind-blowing sex in so long.” Libby groaned.  Her eyes slid closed and her head fell back.

His tongue touched her own and drew a trail from her lips. A calloused hand stroked her nipple making her anxious clit throb. With two fingers, he entered her hole. She couldn’t stop the juice from escaping her haven.

“Lay back, Libby. Let me love your body. I want you hotter than the time before I pumped my cum in your mouth.” He grinned devilishly.

She moaned, nodding. She pushed her hips closer and sighed deep in her throat. “Anything you want, Damian. I want to feel your thick cock so badly I can barely stand it.”

A shiver skated down her neck at the feel of his hardness  invading her. Sensations like a hurricane moved through her. She could feel the building storm  start with a pulsing in her core. She looked up into his face. His knowing eyes laughed with amusement. His skillful fingers pressed deeply into her ass. She could taste his salty sweat. His increased speed caused her hips to buck against the bed. A sound, like a tiger  vibrated in her chest. She knew she was going to come. All she needed was his cock pounding her faster.

With a final growl she tumbled into bliss. Her abs tensed, her ass cheeks tightened and her eyes closed on the feeling of his dick sinking further into her.


Hope you enjoy the badlibs!



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DWAM from Siren Publishing

CAN’T FAKE THIS buy Kindle version on Amazon and all versions at Loose, Id.


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How you know it’s a great book

Posted in General on August 1st, 2012 by Casey Crow

Being a writer myself, I always try to read my “friends” books. Oh, I’ll admit the TBR pile is so high Mt. Everest looks small in comparison, but nevertheless, I try. It’s weird when I start out reading a book by an author I know. Even if I only “know” them through Facebook or Twitter or had a brief encounter with them at a convention, it makes me think I know them, you know?

Everytime I begin one of these books, I’m overly judgemental, first of all. Then I’m thinking how can such a nice person kill people, write hot sex, or use potty words! Take for example, Cynthia Eden and her Deadly romantic suspense series. It scared the crap out of me, and she is the kindest lady on earth!

But somewhere along the way, I stop thinking my friend said “f*%#” and I lose myself in the story. THAT’S how I know it’s a great book. When I get to the point where I can’t put it down because I CARE about the characters, then the author has succeeded in writing a great story.

What makes a great book for you?

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The Romance Reviews Sizzling Summer Reads Q&A

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Hey y’all! Thanks for stopping by for a chance to win DANCE WITH A MILLIONAIRE with The Romance Reviews Sizzling Summer Reads Q&A.

Click on this contest link and answer the question:

Where does Rod whisk Campbell off to for a romantic holiday?

A. The Carribean

B. Paris, France

C. Bellagio, Italy

D. Monte Carlo

Don’t panic if you don’t know. There’s a hint you can click on at TRR site and as much as I hope you’ll leave comment since I love chatting with readers, I’m not picking the winner so you actually have to click the TRR link to win. Also, the day to win Dance with a Millionaire is July 27!


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A Hero’s Hop

Posted in General on July 26th, 2012 by Casey Crow

Welcome to A Hero’s Blog Hop! So let’s get to know your hero – okay, my heroes. I’ll even you a choice of which book (ebook version/INT) you’d like to win!


A Siren-Bookstrand Best Seller

Southern belle Campbell Layne is the rising star of the Manhattan Ballet Theatre, providing she lands an upcoming principal role. The stage heats up, however, when Rod Carrington steps in and teaches her more than she ever expected!

Determined as she is to stay focused on the audition that will push her into stardom, dazzling attorney Rod Carrington still proves to be a major distraction especially when he ends up teaching the college class she’s taking in her spare time. Campbell humiliates herself on their first date, but that doesn’t stop Rod from whisking her off to Italy and turning her into quite the vixen. Too bad he also had to use his powerful influence to secure the lead for her. Now she’ll never know if her talent was real or “bought” by the man she thought was the love of her life.




2011 Best Contemporary ~ Love Romances Cafe

2012 Gayle Wilson Award of Excellence Winner

2011 Golden Claddagh Finalist

Gold Star ~ Just Erotic Romance Reviews

A divorcee ready to reenter the dating world, Anna Ryan is determined to be the best “product on the market,” which requires a lot more experience so she propositions sexy police officer Chase Harris to teach her how to make hot, passionate love as opposed to just having sex. He takes it a step further, instructing each lesson based on The Twelve Days of Christmas.


In DANCE WITH A MILLIONAIRE, Rod Carrington is a dashing, debonair attorney whose a little on the cocky side, but has such a caring heart, you can’t help but to fall in love.

Chase Harris in CAN’T FAKE THIS is a sexy, sauve player who has no intention of growing up until the right woman comes alone.

What kind of heroes do you like? Don’t forget to leave your email address in teh comment to be eligible for the THREE grand prizes. You as a reader can go to EACH blog and comment with your email address and be entered to win. Yep, you can enter over 100 times!

1st Grand Prize: A Kindle Fire or Nook Tablet

2nd Grand Prize: A $50 Amazon or B&N Gift Card

3rd Grand Prize: The following Swag Pack!


Buy Can’t Fake This now at: Loose, Id    Barnes & Noble    Amazon

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Buy Dance with a Millionaire now at: Siren

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Great review of Dance with a Millionaire! 4.75 stars

Posted in General on July 15th, 2012 by Casey Crow

Thank you to Clea Gellar of Bookwenches for this glowing review!

Campbell Layne is on the brink of career success as a ballerina; she just has to land the lead role in her company’s next production. She has worked so hard to get where she is, and she hasn’t let anyone or anything distract her from her goals. Then she met handsome, millionaire playboy, Rod Carrington, and her life turned upside down.

Campbell knows that anything that happens between her and Rod will be nothing more than a fling. She thinks she can accept that until she unexpectedly falls in love with him, and fighting her feelings becomes harder than she thought. 

Rod is perfectly content with his life and the casual encounters he has, but Campbell stirs something in his soul, and he is surprised to find that he doesn’t mind. For the first time, he begins to let his guard down, and begins to consider the option of sharing his life with someone.

When Campbell lands her dream role, she learns that Rod may have used his influence and bought her the role in her company’s next show. She is crushed. Was she a fool all along to think that he could be a good guy after all?


As I get older, I am finding myself coming back around to craving a good romance. I loved them when I was in high school but drifted away with adulthood. The thing I like best about the romances I read now is that I know the reality of life and therefore can truly appreciate the fantasy world that a first-rate romance can deliver. It also doesn’t hurt that they have sexy adult situations that I can relate to, or at least hope to aspire to. Campbell and Rod set a very good example.

Given that Campbell is a successful ballerina and a southern belle to boot, you’d think that she’d be a bit of a diva, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. She is a warm, caring, kind person, who is confident in her career but not quite as self-assured in the rest of her life. Like most people, she goes with her strengths, so she has becomes career-driven. Introducing the idea of a relationship opens up vulnerability in her, but it doesn’t make her weak, and that makes her even easier to like.
Rod is a smart man who has to guard himself and his heart because of the power he wields in society. He accepts his position with grace but is upfront about who he is and what people should expect of him. Entering into a relationship for him seems to cause some inner conflict because it doesn’t seem to fit into his life and how he thought would be. I like how the author wrote his character because through it all he manages to stay true to himself. He is just discovering parts of himself that he didn’t know existed.

Their chemistry between these two is sweet and steamy, because of course there is sexual tension that amps up the story. The sweetness comes from their mutual desire to be with each other; however, they are hindered by their fears. Neither are quite willing to swallow their pride and admit it to themselves, and this adds a nice conflict to the story.

Campbell and Rod’s romance is set against the opulent world of Manhattan’s rich and famous. The story is full of grand theaters, big offices of the rich and powerful, and fancy restaurants. Then it changes to a relaxed, simpler life of a villa in Italy. Both places inspire different aspects of the relationship between Rod and Campbell and set the tone for different parts of the book.

Over all
, Dancing with a Millionaire isn’t a challenging book, and that is why I liked it. I was in the mood for a really good romance that would help me relax and unwind, and that is exactly what this book did for me. The only issues I had with it was that it was hard for me to put down, and I enjoyed the characters so much that I was sad when I finished the book because I missed them so much. Lucky for me, I still have it on my Kindle and can go back and enjoy it again and again.

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BDSM Unleased

Posted in General on July 15th, 2012 by Casey Crow


Welcome to the BDSM Unleashed Blog Hop with The Playroom!To celebrate, I’m giving away an ebook copy of the award-winning Can’t Fake This. (INT gift)


A divorcee ready to reenter the dating world, Anna Ryan is determined to be the best “product on the market,” which requires a lot more experience so she propositions sexy police officer Chase Harris to teach her how to make hot, passionate love as opposed to just having sex. He takes it a step further, instructing each lesson based on The Twelve Days of Christmas.

Now, now, I know this is a Christmas story, but since it’s about 100 degree down here in the South, I’d though I would heat things up some more with Christmas in July.

So here’s an X-rated excerpt of what happens on the Fifth Day of Christmas:

“I kinda like the fact I’m an original.”

“You are that.” He tugged my face to his as he pressed his lips to mine in a passionate kiss.

When he let me up for air, I asked, “How will I get the full effect of making out in a cop car if you aren’t properly dressed?”

“Baby, in five minutes it won’t matter, ’cause we’ll both be naked.” He playfully tapped my chin with his knuckles before reaching for a set of handcuffs at his side. He hooked my wrists to the cage separating the front and backseats. “Is it too tight?”

I wasn’t about to complain. I was too desperate to see what was in store with the extra set of cuffs. “No, but they’re heavier than I expected.” The metal weighed down my bony wrists. I grabbed the cage to ease the pressure. “What’s today’s lesson? Bondage is hot?”

“You’re hot.” His sexy wink made my stomach flip-flop. “Today you learn variety is the spice of life.”

“Good one. By the way, you never told me the point of yesterday.”

“It’s okay to have fun.” The zipper on my jacket slid open. “My, my, my.” He smiled.

I’d “forgotten” to wear a shirt and bra today. “Thought you might like that.”

“Very much.” He took the other cuffs and pressed the circles over my breasts.

I arched as the cool steel teased my flesh, and moaned with the touch of his tongue to my nipples. “Harder.”

He squeezed my breast, sucking the whole thing into his mouth. The sensuous pain at my nipples made me forget my aching fingers gripping the cage.

I didn’t want it to end, but I knew traveling further down this road would lead to heaven, and I’d die a blissful death. “Fuck me.”

He snickered. “Aren’t you becoming quite the vixen?” He switched to the other breast. “I like it, but we aren’t here to fuck.”

“Then make love to me, damn it! I don’t care. Put your cock inside me, and for Christ’s sake, take off your clothes.”

“Are we gonna have to work on your patience some more?”

“Hell no.” Every flick of his tongue pushed a wave of pleasure down my body. It crashed on my clit. The bud throbbed and called for more.

He chuckled and kissed my nipples one last time before sitting back to undress. I ran my tongue across my lips as I watched him take forever to unbutton his maroon shirt. Inch by inch, the material fell away, revealing a tan, clean-shaven chest, firm pecs, and broad shoulders.

“Da—amn. Come here.”

He sat up enough for me to reach his chest. I softly kissed his purplish bruise first, and Chase wove his fingers through my hair as if thanking me for taking care of his “boo-boo.” I nibbled my way to his neck and tasted the sharp bite of his cologne. The fresh scent mixed with the heavier musk of arousal from my pussy.

I slid lower, and my tongue flicked his nipple. I laughed when he hissed. “I like being in control.”

“Uh…baby, need I remind you that you’re the one in cuffs?”

I felt his fingers caress my ribs. They wiggled slightly, enough to let me know he could tickle me at any time, and I’d be left helpless.

Before he got the chance, I squirmed, rubbing my swelling clit against his bulging cock. The movement caused my wrists to shift, the metal of the cuffs clinking against the steel cage. “Who’s on top?”

“You,” he said.

“Who can inflict the most pain right now?” I slid my teeth over an areola.

“Don’t hurt me.” The tone of his voice softened.

I looked up, and in that instant, I honestly felt my heart squeeze. “I won’t.”

He nodded and ran a hand up my flimsy skirt, flipping it up. “Whose is it?” The lack of panties clearly didn’t surprise him.


Skillful fingers nestled their way into my folds, pinched my clit, then found haven rubbing my G-spot.

“Whose pussy is it?”


He quirked a brow and rammed another finger hard inside me. “Try again and remember—I have the key to the cuffs. Now, whose pussy is it?”

“It’s yours.” I grunted at the pleasure he created with each thrust.

“You sure?”

I panted as the exquisite pounding got faster. “Yes, Chase. Oh, yes. C-come inside me.”

“I want you to beg.”

The first hints of orgasm curled low in my abdomen. “Pl-please.”

He pulled out and lifted me off his thighs. “My prisoner.”

He’d hooked my arms to the cage so I half stood, half crouched with my legs wide apart in my taupe heels, an unzipped jacket revealing hard nipples, and a thin skirt Chase had somehow managed to tie into a knot at my waist.

He visibly swallowed and blew out a slow breath of appreciation. “Fuck, you’re hot.”

“I don’t feel like a prisoner. How about sex slave?” Never had a man simply stared at me with such admiration, such desire. My focus on him matched his concentration on me as he slid his pants down.

“No.” His hard cock sprang free. Precum glistened on its tip. “A goddess. My fantasy.” He donned a condom and pulled me down, sliding into me so easily, so perfectly.

It felt like my body was made solely for this man. No other had ever brought me to such heights. My head fell back, banging against the cage. “Ouch.”

“You okay?” He grinned and reached up to caress my injury.

As he sat up his cock shifted inside me. The tip touched my G-spot, and I relished the release of tight muscles relaxing to fit him. “Oh, yeah.” I couldn’t remember when this contact, this connection had felt more right.

Chase lifted my hips, then quickly drew me back over his thick shaft. He slowly slid me up and yanked me down again. And again. Our low moans heated the car’s interior. The windows fogged. The humidity clung to our bodies. Sweat beaded Chase’s temple, and I became mesmerized as I watched it fall down his cheek.

He reached for another set of handcuffs beside his thigh and slipped them between us. He pulled my folds apart and tapped the cold metal against my sensitive bud, gently drumming it, vibrating my clit to hot readiness. Chase slammed his cock into me, his thrusts quickening until he threw the cuffs aside and grabbed my ass to pump harder still. Each collision sent a flash of fire to my G-spot. My legs trembled. My wrists strained against the cuffs. They prevented me from holding him as I wanted, other than to contract my muscles, gripping his cock. He grunted and closed his eyes. The wrinkles on his forehead let me know he forced himself to hold on until I climaxed.

I came in a violent, convulsive wave. My body jerked and quivered. It didn’t matter my arms were in handcuffs; they felt like noodles anyway. As my body continued to shake, Chase unhooked my restraints, setting me free to press my bare nipples to his. He held tight to my hips as I clung to his shoulders, and all the while, we shared a passionate, openmouthed kiss. Our slick bodies met and collided with more hard thrusts.

“We aren’t fucking,” he whispered into my mouth.

“I know.”

“You feel it too?”

“You can’t fake this.”


Do you know what I like best about this scene? When Anna bumps her head! LOL  Do you have any “not so sexy” moments like that?


CAN’T FAKE THIS buy Kindle version on Amazon and all versions at Loose, Id.


See the CAN’T FAKE THIS book trailer




Posted in General on July 9th, 2012 by Casey Crow

Welcome to the Hot Jocks Hop with Guilty Pleasures and Under The Covers. Hmmm…hot jocks. **Sigh** Okay, I’ll admit I’ve dated a few – a pro golfer, a couple of University of Alabama football players, but my greatest jock crush was the senior baseball pitcher at my high school (I was in the seventh grade at the time).  He had to go off and sign with a major league team and leave me heart broken. LOL Nowadays, I’m digging Derek Jeter. Who’s your favorite?

I’m giving away an ebook copy of Can’t Fake This to a lucky commenter! Yes, I know, it’s a Christmas story, but how about a little Christmas in July cause if it’s not already hot enough for you, this award-winning book will surely heat you up.


CAN’T FAKE THS is about a divorcee ready to reenter the dating world, Anna Ryan is determined to be the best “product on the market,” which requires a lot more experience so she propositions sexy police officer Chase Harris to teach her how to make hot, passionate love as opposed to just having sex. He takes it a step further, instructing each lesson based on The Twelve Days of Christmas.

So here’s an X-rated excerpt of what happens on the first day:

“Catching a disease somehow doesn’t concern me as much as being number God-knows-what.” How did one compete with that?

His hands wandered up my chest and neck to tilt my chin. It forced me to meet his intense gaze. “Something tells me you’re gonna be memorable.”

I doubted that, not with his track record.

He yanked me to his lips. We kissed with pent-up fervor. I sighed into his mouth, telling him of my need to feel every single detail of this moment. He tasted of confidence and adventure, his lips moving with exactly the right amount of assuredness. I refused to admit it was due to experience. I much preferred to believe he just excelled at what he did; Chase knew when to nip, when to suck…when to hold back. The kiss continued to tempt as he seemingly waited for me to press for more, to breach the barrier between a simple kiss and total loss of control. He surrendered the power to me, and I loved it. I caressed his tongue with my own. We allowed our hands to roam and search, seeking any way to pull each other closer. His body melded into mine. His erection rubbed my clit, and my pussy screamed in demand. Moist heat flooded my folds as our tongues collided with more passion than finesse. If Chase’s mouth were the forbidden fruit, then I was Eve, and I wanted every dad-blame apple on that tree. When he sucked my tongue, it tasted sinfully wonderful.

I could die right now knowing Frog #1 was a Grade-A kisser. My ability to think vanished. My body seemed to melt into molten lava right in his arms. I tugged at Chase’s shirt, and as I began to lift it, he eased me back on the couch.

“On the first day of Christmas my true love gave to me…” His voice took on a singsong quality as his hand slid under my damp panties. “Temptation in a hot package.”

I sighed. A vibrator had nothing on a man’s touch.

He traced my folds as if learning my body. It was more of a tease, exciting me for what would come. When his finger flicked my clit, the first trickle of orgasm bubbled up within me.

“Get naked.” After two freakin’ years, I couldn’t wait any longer.

He laughed at my order. “Oh, I want to and I will, but not tonight.” He tugged my panties off. “This is all about you.” A warm palm rubbed my ankle, calf, thigh…until his fingers found my clit again. My hips bucked of their own volition.

“Oh God.”

“Call me Chase.”

I was too lost to chide him. “Cha-ase.” My panting turned his name into two syllables.

His skilled thumb rotated in slow circles as a finger found haven inside me. It darted in and out, and as my muscles gripped it, he boldly inserted a second finger. He massaged my inner walls. I shuddered when he hit my G-spot. My weak legs spread farther apart, and I hiked one across the top of the couch. He smiled, then shifted his focus to my pussy, using one hand to open my slit and another to work magic.

It would have been too easy to give into only the physical pleasure since that’s what I’d always done. This time, I tried to pay attention to everything else. A fuzzy, fluttering feeling radiated from my stomach, fanning out. When it reached my chest, my heart skipped a beat. A smile spread over my face. This was unadulterated chemistry. The proof came in the heat rising from every pore of my body. My sweet perfume mixed with his fresh cologne and combined with the faint scent of feminine juices; the aroma intoxicated better than any wicked bomb.

I should have been self-conscious, lying open to his ministrations, selfishly taking all the pleasure for myself, yet I felt completely comfortable…and sexy. Maybe my lack of inhibition was because I knew after twelve days, I would never have to see him again, or maybe it was Chase’s amazing ability to show his appreciation for my body with a look, a touch, a smile. Still, the more he stroked, the more I became lost in the grip of passion. My orgasm gained momentum with each pump, every flick. My breathing hitched as my body coiled tight. God, how I wanted release, but I wanted to stay on the edge too. I wanted it all, the physical, and the emotional.

Digging my heels into the cushions, I pushed my hips up, increasing the pressure. He pulled his fingers out, and I whimpered, but a nanosecond later, he used them on my clit. In such a short time, he’d already figured out what I liked most. “That’s it, baby. You’re so wet.”

“’Cause you turn me on,” I replied between pants, the heady smell of feminine arousal overpowering now.

The fast up-and-down motion of his fingertips sent vibrations all through me; my breasts trembled with it, adding to the rapturous torment. I clamped my fists shut. My mouth dried. My ears burned. I thrashed my head back and forth. God, I was so damn close. I couldn’t remember a time when any man held me on the brink this long. I squeezed my eyes shut and focused on coming hard.

“Look at me.” The command was ragged and hoarse.

I didn’t want to. Eye contact was too intimate, but I knew that was part of the deal. To make love, I needed to go all the way. I locked gazes with Chase, and the desire I saw gave me the confidence to let go. To be myself with no self-consciousness. I watched in fascination as he inhaled the shuddering breath I exhaled.


He ran one hand up my stomach to my breast, giving it a gentle squeeze before rubbing my nipple. I didn’t believe it possible to feel this much pleasure at once, but Chase proved me wrong as he picked up speed and leaned forward to whisper, “Come, baby,” just before his lips crushed mine.

The kiss ignited a string of dynamite, burning my blood and searing my abdomen as I burst into an explosive orgasm. My hips jerked as waves of hot bliss rolled through my body. I wrenched away from his mouth to cry out as spasms rocked me.

“Open your eyes.” The words were clipped, his voice raspy, as if he were fighting for control.

I hadn’t realized I’d shut them. When I looked back at Chase, his flushed cheeks gave me a thrill. He wanted me and gazed at me with such affection my heart would have given a squeeze if it weren’t so busy pumping blood to the sensitive nerve endings of my clit.

He stared at me a long time as his fingers slowed, pulling miniorgasmic surges from my core. I sighed as he took deep breaths until his jaw relaxed. Finally he licked his lips and cocked a proud grin. I smiled back. He damn well deserved to gloat.

“You like that?” he asked.

“What do you think?”

He chuckled and pecked little kisses down my chest and torso. He nipped my hip bone and brought his mouth to my pussy. I heard him breathe in and hum in appreciation.

The slick sheen of sweat covering my skin began to dry. Chill bumps surfaced almost immediately when Chase moved away to kneel on the floor. Only then did it occur to me to wonder what he thought about my lying there spread-eagle and buck naked.

“Beautiful.” He stroked the hair fanning around my shoulders.

Well, all right, then. I felt giddy—stupid, raging-teenage-hormones giddy. The man was a prince and knew how to treat a woman. Especially one who hadn’t experienced such a mind-blowing orgasm in…ever.

My limp body wanted to lie there and salivate in the afterglow, but I summoned up some energy and rolled to my side. He sat close enough to touch, so I reached for him, my index finger drifting across his covered chest. “I want to see you.”

He winced.

“Sorry. I forgot about your bruise.”

“It’s fine.”

“Don’t lie to me.”

“Never. The bruise will fade, but…” He glanced away.


“Not many things scare me, but almost dying sure puts life in perspective.” He went back to stroking my hair, staring like it belonged to him.

Like I belonged to him.

It made me feel more protected than possessed, which confused the crap out of me. Did I want to be cared for? Yes, just not by a player. When he looked at me like that though, I felt special. Chase had indeed perfected the ability to make a woman feel like she was the only one in his life.

I pushed up on my elbow for leverage and gently grabbed a fistful of his shirt. “I want you inside me.” I slid my hand toward his cock. It pulsed when I squeezed. “You want me too.”

“Fuck yeah, but here’s lesson one: a real man gets satisfaction in satisfying.”


So what makes a real man for you?

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Cocked and Loaded Blog Hop – Christmas in July

Posted in General on July 4th, 2012 by Casey Crow

Welcome to the Cocked and Loaded Blog hop with Close Encounters of the Night Kind! Don’t you just LOVE that title? My Christmas in July gift to you is an ebook copy (INT) of the award winning CAN’T FAKE THIS! Don’t forget to leave a comment for a chance to win and as always, newsletter subscribers get a bonus entry.



Since it’s already 100 degrees outside, I’d thought I crank up the temperature even more and pull out my Twelve Days of Christmas story.

You know that show Millionaire Matchmaker on Bravo, right? Of course you do. Patti Stanger rocks with her take no crap from anybody self. I love it when she says “the pecker does the picking.” Well, that got me thinking about a scene in  CAN’T FAKE THIS, Anna’s ***that other P word** does the picking. The attraction she feels for Chase is instaneous. Here’s a snippet to illustrate what I’m talking about: 

ADULT Excerpt:

As I rummaged through my clutch for a dose of lip gloss, Marisol cleared her throat and cut her gaze across the room. I followed her line of vision and… Holy shit. I do believe my freakin’ heart stopped. He wasn’t supermodel gorgeous, not with his shaved head and height a tad on the short side, but his swagger… His near-predatory confidence as he maneuvered through the room made my eyes zero in on him. He locked on me, and I felt a slow, lazy smile spread across my lips. Suddenly we were the only two people in the room. My blood pressure hitched a degree with every step he took, and that feeling a girl gets when her heart beats so fast she’s on the verge of throwing up? Yep, I had it. I believe the technical term is “lust at first sight.”

A second later, his warm hand brushed my shoulder, and I’m not kidding, I thought I might melt right off that stool. Even the fine hairs on my arms stood on end, completely attuned to him and begging for attention. Needless to say, my nipples gave him a proud salute.

“Hi, I’m Chase Harris.” His heated breath tickled my ear as he leaned in to be heard over the country rock band jamming out twenty feet away.

My lungs folded and decided breathing was no longer necessary. The brief contact ignited a fiery liquid in the bottom of my tummy. My pussy simmered for the first time in years without the aid of batteries. “Anna Ryan,” I answered. “It’s nice to meet you.” Was it ever. I extended my hand, which he ignored for a hug.

My nostrils filled with the citrus scent of cologne, but underneath I detected something more masculine, more primal. I longed to bury my face in his soft gray fitted T-shirt. The garment outlined every perfect bulge. I couldn’t make out its graffiti design, but it very well could’ve said Eat Me and I would’ve happily obliged.

His gaze roamed my body, and the sexy glint in his eyes told me the risk of catching a cold in this black strapless mini was totally worth it. I might be in dire need of a boob job, but Chase didn’t seem to mind my negative As. Then the space between us grew cold as he left my side to hug Marisol.

“Cuba! Hey, woman. Great to see you.”

“Hey, yourself.” She flashed me a shrewd grin.

I so owed that girl.


I’d love to hear about moments you’ve had where the attraction blows you away!

A divorcee ready to reenter the dating world, Anna Ryan is determined to be the best “product on the market,” which requires a lot more experience so she propositions sexy police officer Chase Harris to teach her how to make hot, passionate love as opposed to just having sex. He takes it a step further, instructing each lesson based on The Twelve Days of Christmas.

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See the CAN’T FAKE THIS book trailer


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